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Automated Teams Governance

Manage and secure Microsoft Teams with ShareGate

Guide users towards secure and productive collaboration in Microsoft Teams while keeping a close eye on what’s going on—so you can easily course-correct as you scale.

ShareGate products are trusted by over 75,000 IT professionals worldwide.

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Make it easy for end users to do the right thing

As an IT professional, you want users to love and adopt Microsoft Teams—which should be a cinch considering it’s surprisingly easy to use. However, when used improperly, it’s harder to scale. You can end up with duplicate teams, multiplying Office 365 apps, and tons of files shared externally. Without a bit of guidance, things can go sideways fast.

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The automated governance platform
for fast-growing Teams

Lifecycle management

Get the visibility you need to keep Teams on track 

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ShareGate Apricot monitors your tenant and highlights ways to make it healthier based on the policies you’ve set. See which teams are active and which ones can be archived or deleted—and collaborate with team owners to keep things organized and up-to-date. 

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Detect inactive teams based on user activity 

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Uncover teams without owners

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See newly created teams and understand their purpose and level of sensitivity

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Archive or delete teams that are inactive or irrelevant

ShareGate Apricot helped us clean up a lot of old groups in our tenant. Now our users archive groups when they’re done with them because they understand they’re accountable for the content they create. That is really valuable.

Image of Larry Hibbs, Technical Program Manager, City of Aurora

Larry Hibbs

Technical Program Manager, City of Aurora

Security and compliance

Make sure the right users have access to the right things

Protect your organization’s data without hindering productivity. Apply custom-fit security settings based on each team’s level of sensitivity, easily see who’s shared what externally, and schedule periodic reviews so team owners can validate external sharing links. 

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Apply group sensitivity labels at the team level to control privacy status, external sharing, and guest access settings automatically

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See all links to files shared externally by each team

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Set up automatic external sharing reviews

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The ShareGate difference 

From setting policies to monitoring team activity, surfacing up problem areas to course correcting as you go—we make Microsoft Teams governance easy. 

Signature simplicity

Signature simplicity

At ShareGate, we design software with simplicity in mind—so you can get going in minutes, not weeks. No need for PowerShell, coding, or Azure AD Premium. 

Collaborative governance

Collaborative governance 

Get the answers you need from the people who have them—the owners of each team. We’ve made it easy to collaborate with your users to course-correct faster.  

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Set it and forget it 

Automate the manual tasks involved in identifying problems, contacting the right owners, and tracking those actions—saving you time and effort.

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